Described by its creators as a "Swiss Army Knife" for musicians, the Senstand multi-function music stand can be set to different heights and be transformed into instrument storage, a standing desk, drinks holder, accessory minder and more. The strap from the custom carry bag it collapses down into can even be used as a guitar strap for your guitar or bass.

As an old school music stand the Senstand can be set to different heights to suit sitting, standing or kneeling playing needs. For modern players who display notation or tabs on digital slates, it can serve as a tablet stand that will also hold accessories on a shelf and liquid refreshments in its cup holder. If you need a desk for seated or standing work, the Senstand can help out there, too.

If you don't need a music stand on stage, the Senstand can be used for instrument storage (with cushioned contact points and capacity for up to three instruments simultaneously), which can be adjusted to accommodate different-sized stringed instruments – anything from a violin to a cello.

The company behind the multi-function music stand is also aiming to introduce cable management into the design, add an overhead lamp, look at increasing movement options and offer microphone support.

From a distance, the music stand has a plastic look, but the various parts are actually fashioned from machined wood/resin composite. It's made up of 15 parts that can be mixed and matched for different needs, and at its tallest configuration, it stands 1.25 m high (about 50 in). Tension cables running from top to base to help keep the apparatus stable.

It tips the scales at 3.5 kg (7.7 lb) and the design team says that, with some practice, the Senstand can be assembled in as little as 90 seconds.

To bring the Senstand to market, its designers have launched on Kickstarter. Pledges for a full kit start at US$299 at the time of writing. If all goes to plan, shipping is estimated to start in October. The pitch video can be seen below.

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