A popular theme among van converters is taking inspiration from the skies to a create a van that travels like a luxurious private jet, and the Mercedes Sprinter provides a natural base vehicle for such endeavors. The latest outfitter to throw its hat in the ring with the likes of Becker and Brabus is the UK's Senzati. Its simply but effectively named Jet Sprinter conversion includes everything from massage-equipped reclining seats, to a full multimedia system, to a bathroom with waterfall sink.

As is obvious from its nature, the Senzati Jet is a custom, built-to-order affair, lending a lot of leeway for buyer preference. Senzati offers the conversion in left- and right-drive models and standard, long and extended long wheelbases. It shows a variety of floorplans with up to eight seats, including an executive mobile office, sleeper configuration with rear bed, and hosted layout with room for a hostess, butler or bodyguard. If you're looking for something not explicitly offered, we're sure Senzati would do everything in its power to accommodate the request, assuming you're prepared to accept the bill at the end.

Personalization is always nice, but the real selling point of a luxury van like this is the standard specification and options list. The Jet Sprinter's independently heated and cooled passenger cell is furnished with seats that have the kitchen sink of features – leather upholstery, armrests, heating, cooling, 12-point massage, air lumbar support, and independent lighting and climate control. The main pedestal seats also recline, and all seats have individual power sockets, USB ports and HDMI connections for keeping powered and connected to the greater multimedia system, which includes a TV, a 1,000-watt audio system with cinema surround sound, Apple TV, PlayStation, smartphone mirroring, Blu-ray player, digital radio, and mobile broadband Internet with in-cabin Wi-Fi. Senzati offers a number of LCD TV options, and the choice ties in to the type of driver/passenger partition selected.

When it comes to keeping refreshed, twin refrigerated drawers tucked below the seats and a glass-fronted central minibar keep beverages close at hand. The glasses in the 12-piece crystal set are sized to fit perfectly in the stainless steel cupholders.

Eventually quaffing champagne is going to get your bladder tickling, especially on longer trips. Senzati offers the option of a rear bathroom with porcelain toilet and glass bowl sink with waterfall faucet.

The Senzati Jet Sprinter isn't the first luxury van to offer a bathroom, but it's an option that is surprisingly lacking on other very luxurious van conversions. Nothing threatens to turn an elegant, ultra-cozy passenger lounge into an unbearable torture chamber like the "gotta go" fidgets and slow-growing bladder or intestinal pain. A pullover at the next truck stop doesn't seem like the kind of solution that anyone traveling in the back of a chauffeured, six-figure luxury van is interested in.

Senzati creates an elegant, relaxing interior atmosphere using LED mood lighting, LCD privacy glass with integrated blinds, a 6.5-ft (2 m) glass sunroof with LCD sun blind, and Alcantara and leather trim throughout. The passenger-to-driver intercom with auto audio mute allows occupants to quickly speak to the driver, even when the partition is up.

The extensively overhauled cabin is quite impressive, but Senzati seems even prouder of an exterior solution. It moves the sliding door backward, eliminating the need to climb over passengers when entering. As you can see in the floor plan photos in gallery, the door entry is positioned so that you can enter between the seats, making the process of boarding easier and more convenient. Senzati also reconfigures the windows to align with the seats, creating clear views.

"The biggest problem was getting unobstructed access to the rear club seating – a problem faced by every converter worldwide – so our solution was simple, regardless of the complexities and cost, move the electric side door backwards," explains Senzati founder and CEO Dave Clark. "If you set out to build the best of its kind, there can be no compromises."

Other base Sprinter modifications include upgraded alternators and multi-adjustable quilted-leather driver and front passenger seats. Senzati can also beef the van up with armoring up to B4+ standard.

The Senzati Jet Sprinter launched in February after two years of development and made an appearance at last week's Top Marques Monaco show. It starts at £209,000 (approx. US$317,000) with Mercedes' 3.0-liter V6 and 7G-Tronic Plus automatic transmission.

Source: Senzati

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