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Sharp AQUOS DX Series LCD TVs feature integrated Blu-ray recorders

Sharp AQUOS DX Series LCD TVs feature integrated Blu-ray recorders
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October 22, 2008 Sharp's new 16-model AQUOS line-up is the first series of LCD TV's in the world to be equipped with built-in Blu-ray Disc recorders. Ranging in size from 26-inch to 52-inch, the all-in-one DX Series design means there's no cords cluttering the back of your TV stand and viewing, disc-playing and recording can be simply controlled using one remote.

The 16 models include three color variations (black, white and red) and the TV itself is made from a high-quality Kameyama LCD panel. The larger units feature full HD resolution (1,920 H x 1,080 V pixels) with the 32 and 26-inch versions have a 1,366 H x 768 V dot count. Audio output is 30W on the larger 52 and 46-inch models with the remainder specced at 20W and all-models include Sharp’s 1-Bit digital amp and side-port Bass Reflex Speaker.

A Digital W Tuner lets you record programs while watching TV, and the H.264/AVC (Advanced Video Coding) standard of the MPEG-4 suite enables 5X extended HD video recording while retaining the same exact full-HD quality as the original high-definition broadcast. The DX Series also features 2X Mode and 3X Mode with Full-Capture Extended HD Recording, which allows recording of audio surround-sound data and extended HD recording while keeping intact the program data links embedded in the original video.

The AQUOS DX series was introduced at a Press Conference in Tokyo earlier this month and they will be available in Japan from November. Prices range from approximately USD$4,700 for the 52-inch to around $1500 for the 26-inch model.

Via Sharp / Akihabara News.

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