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Sharp Introduces Superheated Steam Oven

Sharp Introduces Superheated Steam Oven
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With a society increasingly demanding healthier ways of cooking, Sharp may have served up just the dish. They have unveiled a Superheated Steam Oven that it claims will enable low calorie cooking by roasting foods using water.

The Electric Superheated Steam Oven features a newly developed Superheated Steam Generator that bathes food in a spray of superheated steam to provide low-calorie cooking as well as removing excess fat and salt from foods, while retaining vitamins.

Superheated steam of 300 degrees celsius are sprayed onto food, delivering approximately eight times more heat than a standard convection oven, cooking foods such as meat and fried foods, while causing excessive fat to simply melt and fall away. The oven also reduces salt content in food by approximately three times compared to using a normal gas grill, due to the use of steam and the normal diffusion action of salt.

Deputy Managing Director of Sharp Corporation of Australia, Denis Kerr, said the new Electric Superheated Steam Oven will revolutionise how we cook our meals in the future.

"Sharp are the leaders in microwave oven technology in the world today, and this new, amazing way of cooking healthy meals for the whole family is the latest from Sharp to change the way we live. The superheated steam can cook, bake, roast, grill, steam, warm, defrost and even warm leftovers," Mr Kerr said.

"Not only is the moisture content in food retained through the steam, but vitamins such as vitamin C are also retained due to the low oxidisation that occurs using this cooking method. Food also comes out of the oven cooked to perfection, moist and tender.

"And while the oven cooks using steam, it can also dry bake items such as bread and cookies, it can even toast bread, proving that Sharp has once again developed technology for the future," he said.

The 26-litre, 1,400W oven contains 126 built-in recipes and a self-cleaning mode. Available in silver or red, it is expected to be released in Australia in the new year.

Go to for more information, or call 1300 135 530.

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