Canadian company Güte recently designed a prefabricated trailer-like hut that's suitable for use as a small dwelling, office space, or guest room. Its old-school looks notwithstanding, the Shepherd Hut can be connected to an electricity supply or operate off-grid, and features a nice finish and some space-saving furniture inside.

The Shepherd Hut measures 2.1 m (7 ft) wide, with the length determined by the customer, though Güte recommends a length of either 3.6 m (12 ft) or 4.8 m (16 ft). It's designed to withstand a harsh Canadian winter so should be suitable for those living in chilly climes, and features a hardwood or steel chassis, wooden siding and floor, and a cedar or corrugated steel roof.

Available furniture includes a folding hardwood desk, a kitchen unit, sofa bed, bunk beds, and a bookcase. Güte also offers a hand-pumped solid brass sink and a brass Welsh miner's lamp.

The Shepherd Hut is wired to operate from a battery, generator, or extension cord. It can also run off-grid with an optional solar array and battery bank. A wood burning stove or an ethanol fireplace can be fitted, and the firm told us that a composting toilet can be installed, but that a building permit may then be required.

The furnished model featured will set you back around CAD 32,900 (US$29,146), plus delivery, though additions like the PV array, ethanol fireplace, and the wood stove cost extra.

Source: Güte

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