The struggle to rebuild Nepal's infrastructure since the devastating earthquake that struck in April has inspired some architects to try and help, resulting in ideas like the Temporary Shelter in Nepal and Just a Minute shelters. In a similar vein, New York City's SHoP Architects recently made a commitment to build 50 schools for the ailing country.

SHoP joined forces with non-profit Kids of Kathmandu and NGO Asia Friendship Network for the project, which will comprise a flexible building template that can be adapted to the local site conditions and assembled with help from local volunteers.

In an effort to ensure the schools are able to stand up to earthquakes, they will be built using concrete slab foundations, steel truss roofs, and earth brick construction. The schools will be outfitted with new kitchens, wireless internet, and donated computers, and could possibly serve as a safe haven should another disaster strike.

The schools will sport solar panels to produce electricity and a water purification system will also be installed. We've no word on whether a rainwater collection system is planned, but given that the school's roof includes large overhangs to aid rainwater runoff, it seems a sound idea.

"The new earthquake-resistant school buildings will take a holistic approach to enhancing the children's learning experience," says SHoP. "In addition, these schools will serve as community centers – making their resources available after-hours, and even in some cases providing electricity and clean water to their respective villages."

Construction is set to begin in early 2016 with an initial two schools. The eventual plan is to install schools in the hardest-hit and most remote areas in Nepal.

Source: SHoP via Arch Daily

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