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ShoZu offers mass photo upload from your mobile

ShoZu offers mass photo upload from your mobile
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November 22, 2007 As social networking explodes around the world so have the number of applications designed to make users' lives easier when interacting online, particularly in relation to sharing videos and photos. With options now abounding for the budding social networker - from Facebook to YouTube, Flickr and endless others - ShoZu has announced a new picture messaging/MMS service that offers simultaneous transfer of your latest camera phone snapshots to your Facebook page, personal blog and best friend’s email without creating multiple messages.

Research indicates that users of social networking sites regularly use more than one site so it makes sense to have one application that sends images to all of those sites at once. The ShoZu service works by setting up preferred websites, blogs and email addresses. After that, any photo or video clip sent to is delivered directly to ShoZu’s servers and then forwarded automatically to all of the destinations you have specified. There is no limit on the number of destinations and your images can be sent from a range of devices including your iPhone, computer, Blackberry or Sidekick. In addition, users can assign auto-tags from the ShoZu website that will accompany each photo uploaded in a particular group so viewers will know what event or place the pictures relate to.

Destination options for your happy snaps include sites such as Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, Google Picasa, Faces, Buzznet, Kodak EasyShare Gallery, Webshots, Windows Live Spaces,,, Pikeo,,, Google Blogger, LiveJournal, Textamerica, TypePad, Vox, WordPress, MetaWeblog, CNN, the BBC and Scoopt. Users can also add multiple email and FTP addresses from the ShoZu portal. The ShoZu service requires no software installation and is free other than the data or messaging charges from your wireless carrier. For the large number of consumers with picture messaging or flat rate data packages, this means the service is available at no additional cost.

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