Most of us break wind from time to time; it's a natural function of a healthy body. It's just a shame that farts generally smell bad enough that people will keep their distance if they suspect you've dropped one. The answer to this problem may lie in the material used in your underwear, with a technology used in chemical warfare suits providing the solution.

This is according to Shreddies (no relation to the cereal), a British underwear manufacturer which now does a "flatulence-filtering" range of underpants for men and women. Aimed at anyone suffering from excessive flatulence, but particularly at people with digestive disorders such as IBS and Crohn's disease, this new line of Shreddies could stop you gassing everyone in close proximity.

The Shreddies filter out farts thanks to an activated carbon back panel made from Zorflex. This material is highly porous, so (the company claims) the odor vapors from the farts become trapped and neutralized before they reach the olfactory glands of any innocent bystanders in close proximity to the offending flatulence.

We've already seen a similar product named 4SKINS, while the same technology can be found in the Better Marriage Blanket. Still, you can never have too much protection against the menace of smelly emissions.

Both the men's and women's Shreddies come in a range of different styles and start at US$40 and $30 respectively ... which is surely a small price to pay for the pleasure of farting without fear.

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