Side sleeping pillow reduces snoring

Side sleeping pillow reduces s...
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The Side Solution Pillow
The Side Solution Pillow

The Side Solution Pillow from AbsolutelyNew offers relief for the more than 50 percent of the adult population that sleep on their sides. The unique shape is designed to cradle the entire neck, head and shoulders to reduce stiffness and promote better circulation in the arms and help prevent snoring and mild sleep apnea

The polyfoam pillow was created by doctor-turned-inventor Paul Mettler, an Illinois resident and physical therapist who specializes in treatment of headaches and TMJ/TMD (painful conditions affecting jaw and facial muscles).

Dr Mettler recognized that some patients’ ailments could be attributed to how they slept and that sleeping on your side using a traditional pillow often means your lower shoulder is hunched down into your ear. With studies indicating more than 50% of the adult population sleep on their sides, there is a significant number of people potentially affected by the problems that can arise from side sleeping.

The AbsolutelyNew Side Solution Pillow is available in two models; the Standard with polyfiber fill has a 260 thread count cover and retails for USD$49.99, while the Deluxe dual sided model has 75 percent polyfiber fill and 25 percent memory foam, a 300 thread count cover with a bacteria inhibitor and retails for $79.99. Both covers are machine washable.


1 comment
1 comment
Karin Brennan
I bought this pillow last year and it went completely flat in about 3 months. Total waste of money. I tried posting a review on Dr. Mettler's youtube page but he isn't accepting reviews. Don't buy this pillow!