Signal Snowboards notes the integral role that music plays in boarding, and has previously demonstrated its love for mixing the two in cardboard with a snowboard and a Stratocaster guitar fashioned from the packaging material. For its latest collaboration with Ernest Packaging Solutions, the company has made a working drum kit using cardboard.

If you're thinking that it's been a while since we've been treated to some cardboard craziness from Signal Snowboards and Ernest Packaging Solutions, you'd be right. As it turns out, the cardboard drum project began a few years ago, but has only recently been completed.

The cardboard collaborative sought the assistance of Sahir Hanif of kit builders Masters of Maple, who gave the project team all of the information it needed to make a cardboard drum set work. To be clear, only the drum shells are made from cardboard, not the whole shebang – as with Obilab Music's DrumKit from 2016 – but it's no less awesome.

The toughest member of the cardboard kit to build proved to be the snare, due to the tension needed to give it some pop. Elsewhere, there's a cardboard-encased floor tom, a rack tom and a kick drum. The cymbals and hi-hat are not cardboard, and neither are the sticks used to play the kit.

So how does it sound and play? You can find out in the video below, as Eric Kretz from Stone Temple Pilots gives it a thorough workout.

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