We first learned of Sin Cars at the 2013 Goodwood Festival of Speed, where it showed the aggressive R1. The company has since been heavily involved in racing and has been evolving its road car design. This month, Sin revealed the finalized version of its road-going supercar ahead of a September launch at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show.

Sin is the latest auto entity to focus attention on bringing high performance from the racetrack to the road. In fact, Rosen Daskalov's real goal in founding Sin was to design a car as raw and nimble as the go-karts he raced as a kid. With help from partners like the UK's ProFormance Metals, Daskalov developed the FIA space frame-based R1, which he first revealed at Autosport International 2013 and took to Goodwood later that year. Shortly thereafter, the R1 made its racing debut.

In the two years since those beginnings, Daskalov and co have kept quite busy racing and showing updated R1 road and race cars at events around Europe. They've also moved operations from Munich to Bulgaria and the UK and are now preparing to launch their first serial production road-going sports car, the R1 RS.

In previewing the R1 RS this month, Sin said that the car features some new creature comforts added to address customer inquiries. Such additions include ABS, traction control, a new ECU, an air control rear wing and a new exhaust system. The overhauled interior includes air conditioning, an iPad or Android-based infotainment system, Recaro sport seats, a redesigned dashboard and center console, and a new steering wheel with integrated functions.

Sin hasn't mentioned any new mechanical or structural changes, so we assume that the spec sheet on its website remains unchanged. It all starts with the GM LS engine mounted inside the tubular space frame. Buyers can pick their V8 poison – 430-hp LS3, 530-hp LS7 or 650-hp LS9 – and pair it with the standard sequential transmission with paddle shifting or optional six-speed manual with limited slip differential. The car bolts off the line to 62 mph (100 km/h) in 3.5 seconds, doubles that speed in 9.7 seconds and tops out at the triple mark of 186 mph (300 km/h).

The R1 RS has carbon fiber body and interior components, keeping dry weight down to a listed 2,535 lb (1,150 kg). A pushrod double-wishbone suspension system with Nitron 3-way-adjustable shocks cushions the 19-in aluminum custom wheels. AP Racing disc brakes bring the quick coupe to a stop.

Sin Cars plans to begin production within the next few months. The company didn't release updated pricing with its teaser, but past reports have put the price around £60,000 to £72,000 (US$93,000 to $112,000).

Gizmag will be on the floor of the Frankfurt Motor Show in mid-September 15, so we'll bring you more information and plenty of photos.

Source: Sin Cars

Update (Mar. 16, 2016): At the 2016 Geneva Motor Show, Sin Cars UK revealed the Sin R1 road car has entered series production and is priced at £145,000 (US$205,600).

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