Skoda is taking the plunge into the electric vehicle world with the unveiling of the Octavia Green E Line concept in Paris this week. Based on the Škoda Octavia Combi, the five-seater EV sports a 26.5 kWh ion-lithium battery and an electric motor with a maximum output of 85 kW and 270 Nm of torque, which translates to a range of up to 140 km (87 miles), a top speed limited to 135 km/h (84 mph) and acceleration of 0 to 100 km/h (0-62 mph) in 12 seconds. The concept is billed as a technology demonstrator, with Škoda saying it will create a test fleet in 2011 to further develop the electric drive.

The seating layout of the Octavia Green E Line is identical to the Octavia Combi with a combustion engine, with the 315 kilogram battery positioned under the middle and rear parts of the floor and extending partly into the luggage compartment.

The EV is finished in Pearl-white – what you can't see are the black solar panels integrated into the roof in the vein of the Fisker Karma.

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