Skydiving becomes Skyflying

Skydiving becomes Skyflying
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While down is usually the direction that most matters when jumping from a plane at altitude, the Skyray attachable rigid-wing system promises to add airplane-like agility to skydiving. The concept is the result of three years of research and wind tunnel tests conducted at the University of Applied Science Munich and the rigid wing, which can be detached with a flick of the wrist during "flight", was chosen with the safety of the skydiver in mind.The highly manoeuvrable Skyray leaves arms and legs free in their movements by transferring the lift generated by the wing section to the body of the skydiver.It consists of two sections - a harness with a rigid back-section and the wing - to provide easy separation under maximum emerging load. While the harness remains with the skydiver, the wing deploys its own rescue parachute shortly after separating.lower than with usual rescue or reserve parachutes in order to steer clear of a collision. The wing parachute pulls the wing away from the skydiver and descends at a lower rate to avoid collision with the skydiver.One of several concepts currently under development worldwide, more information on Skyray can be found at

View gallery - 5 images
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