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Snore-stopping Sleepbud is made to let your partner sleep, bud

Snore-stopping Sleepbud is mad...
Two views of the Sleepbud earbud
Two views of the Sleepbud earbud
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Two views of the Sleepbud earbud
Two views of the Sleepbud earbud

We've already heard about earbuds known as Sleepbuds, that are designed to mask the sound of snoring. Now, however, there's a different Sleepbud earbud on its way, and it's intended to stop its user from snoring.

The wireless earbud is left in the user's ear overnight, as they sleep – three included sets of differently-sized wings and tips are said to help ensure a good fit.

When the Sleepbud detects the sound of snoring, it reacts by emitting alerts in the form of "micro sounds and micro vibrations." These are apparently sufficient to rouse the sleeper, causing them to change the position of their head and neck. Additionally, the alerts reportedly activate nerves in the brain, causing the throat muscles to tighten.

As a result of both of these things happening, the snoring supposedly stops.

In the morning, the user can consult a free iOS/Android app on their paired smartphone, to see how much snoring they did throughout the night. That app is also used to set the intensity of the alerts.

One charge of the earbud's battery should reportedly be good for 18 hours of use.

The Sleepbud will be the subject of an Indiegogo campaign, scheduled to begin at the end of this month. Backers can get a bud for a pledge of US$49 (if all goes according to plan), or they can wait till it reaches retail and then pay $99.

Source: Sleepbud (Facebook)

David F
Snoring can be due to irritiation and inflamation of the throat tissue caused by acid reflux when sleeping. A non-tech alternative is alleviate snoring is to increase the period between last meal of the day and sleeping.
Paul Anthony
How does it know if it is hearing you snore or if it is hearing your partner snore? How does it distinguish between the two?