Thanks to London's relatively expensive property market, thin is in, and developers can find significant value in even the skinniest plots. Such is the case with the Slim House, which measures just 91 in (2.3 m)-wide and is currently on the market with a guide price of £1 million (US$1.4 million).

The Slim House is located in St. John's Hill, Wandsworth, London. To put its size into perspective, the house is narrower than a London tube carriage, as well as many of the tiny houses we report on. It's still not up there with Poland's Keret House though, which measures just 48 in (122 cm) at its widest point.

The three-story home occupies a plot that was originally an empty alleyway and underwent an extension in 2013 by London-based firm Alma-nac. The architects increased its length and added a sloping roof with multiple skylights to boost the natural light inside. The total floorspace is now 1,058 sq ft (98 sq m), which is more than you might expect looking at the home's oddly-proportioned front.

Indeed, from the photos the Slim House actually looks very livable inside and not overly claustrophobic. On entering, visitors are greeted with two reception rooms on the first floor, separated by a staircase. The kitchen and breakfast room are located to the rear and glass doors lead out to a landscaped garden.

Moving upstairs, the second floor contains the master bedroom with dressing room and a bathroom with shower, as well as another bedroom. The third and final floor has another couple of bedrooms and a larger bathroom with tub.

Alma-nac sensibly made storage space a priority in the home and installed lots of built in cabinetry, shelving and little storage nooks. According to property firm Savills, it's one of London's slimmest homes, which seems a reasonable claim. It has also appeared on a number of TV shows, including George Clarke's Amazing Spaces.

Source: Savills

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