There's a lot to love about laying in a hammock, but exposure to the elements mightn't always be one of them. We have seen a few clever solutions aimed at keeping campers warm, the latest of which is an all-in-one sleeping sleeve called Shel, which is claimed to fend off the cold and rain, along with pesky mosquitoes.

The Shel serves a very similar purpose to the MummyPod that we looked at recently, but rather than having the hammock included users will need to bring their own. With that said, the shelter is claimed to work with any type of hammock – it can simply be pulled over the top and cinched up with parachute cords at either end.

The result is a sleeping shelter that replaces the need for a sleeping bag, bug net and tarp, and its makers claim it will keep campers warm even in the snow by creating a bed of warm air around their backsides. It is made from ripstop nylon and incorporates high-loft goose down, with a rainproof top layer that is non-permeable and an underside that is water-resistant.

Once inside, users can pull an internal tensioning line to adjust the size of the internal space, which in turn, alters the temperature. This can also be used to hang lights for some night-time reading. There are also mesh-guarded openable vents to let in some fresh air or check out the weather conditions before starting your day.

The Shel measures 11 ft long when unfurled (3.35 m), weighs 24 oz (700 g) and can be stuffed into a 1.9 L (0.5 gal) sack for easy transport. It is temperature rated from 20° F to 60° F (-6.6° C to 15.5° C).

Khione is currently running a Kickstarter campaign for Shel, where it has passed its US$15,000 funding goal. Early pledges of $89 are available, which will have a Shel headed your way in January 2018 if all goes to plan. You can check out the pitch video below.

Source: Khione

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