Slopes is a unique GoPro stand which aims to make it faster and easier to position your action camera. Currently on Indiegogo, the polyhedron stand has slots to attach it to a GoPro camera in various orientations, and can then be rested on different sides to shoot footage from 20 different positions.

There's no shortage of impressive GoPro accessories out there, but most stands for the action camera involve putting it into its housing, and attaching it to a traditional-style tripod. Slopes is an interesting alternative in that it offers faster deployment, and no need for the additional housing, meaning better quality images and sound than if using the standard housing.

Inspired by an ancient seal which had 14 stamps carved out of a polyhedron stone, the Slopes has three slots for holding your GoPro in different orientations, and is compatible with the Hero3/+ and Hero 4 Black or Silver cameras. Combined with the various angled surfaces of the device, this allows an impressive 20 different possible positions, whether you're putting it down on the ground, a wall, or another sturdy surface.

These angles are labeled on the device, meaning it can be positioned at a range from 10 to 45 degrees. This includes seven landscape pitches, eight portrait pitches and four rolls. There's also the option of pointing the camera directly upwards, with the injection-moulded ABS plastic Slopes protecting the camera from scratches. This is especially important if you're rocking a Hero4 Silver with a rear screen.

In addition to being quick to deploy, the positions of the Slope are handy if you want to get shots with consistent angles, or if producing composite footage. Users who want to shoot 3D footage can also clip two Slopes stands together. While Slopes can only be used with a case-free GoPro, the team behind it says it has considered designing a version to hold a GoPro in its standard housing.

An early-bird pledge of US$21 on Indiegogo will currently bag you a Slopes stand, rising to $25 when those have all gone. The $10,000 funding target has already been met, so should everything else go to plan, Slopes will start shipping in December.

You can check out a promo video for Slopes below.

Source: Indiegogo

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