Action cameras are great, but without the right mounts, grips and filters, you might struggle to capture footage that does your action-packed adventure (or extreme lawn mowing session) justice. Gizmag looks at some of our favorite GoPro accessories which will help you capture unique angles, mount your camera from everything from a speeding car to a dog, and keep shooting when other GoPro users are staring at a low battery warning.

We're going to assume you're already stocked up on the more boring accessories such as spare batteries and memory cards, and focus on some of the more fun GoPro add-ons. That said, while many of these accessories are designed specifically for the ubiquitous GoPro cameras, others will work just as well if you rock another brand of action cam like a TomTom Bandit or Sony Action Cam rather than a Hero4 Black, Silver, or Session.

GoPro Chesty

When you think about wearing a GoPro, your probably picture some idiot walking around with a camera strapped to their forehead. The GoPro Chesty offers a more subtle body-mounting alternative and, as the name suggests, lets you wear the camera on your chest thanks to a harness with a quick release buckle. It comes in adult and kids sizes.

The GoPro Chesty costs US$40 (Adult) $30 (Junior).

Peak Design Capture (Pro/P.O.V.) Clip

Clips like the Peak Design Capture P.O.V Action (or the pictured Capture Pro) allow you to easily attach your GoPro (or bigger cameras) to surfaces such as the straps of a backpack. A base unit clamps around and strap or belt and an action camera mounted on an adapter plate can then be slid in and out of place as needed, with a quick release lock allowing you to secure or release it.

GoPro Helmet Front Mount

Attaching a GoPro action camera to the front of a helmet has been used to capture some of the most compelling and immersive action footage you'll find. But if you are going to do this you need to ensure you do it safely to protect your noggin. GoPro makes a point of directing you to use a helmet that meets the applicable safety standards when using its Helmet Front Mount which attaches using a curved adhesive mount.

The GoPro Helmet Front Mount will set you back $15.

GoPole EVO

If you are filming in the water with your GoPro camera, the GoPole EVO can serve a dual purpose. The buoyant action pole (don't call it a selfie stick) gives you extra reach by extending from 35 to 60 cm (14 to 24 in), and can also help to keep your expensive camera from sinking to the bottom should you accidentally let go. The transparent build of the EVO also means you'll avoid that annoying black bar you'll see in most action pole videos.

The GoPole EVO costs $50.

GoPro 3-Way

If you can't decide if you would be best served by a grip, stick or tripod – or if you just fancy all three in a single package – the GoPro 3-Way could be the way to go. The ultra versatile mount means users can use the grip on its own, connect the additional arm for more reach and flexibility, or pop out the built-in tripod legs and screw the arms onto them.

The GoPro 3-Way will set you back $70.

Joby Action Grip

Because action cameras like GoPros are so small, they can be very difficult to use hand-held. As such there are countless grips out there with extra functions that promise to make shooting easier in some situations. Our pick of the bunch is one which keeps things simple. The Joby Action Grip is a plastic grip which does what it says on the box; it's sturdy, floats and makes it easier to control the camera. It can also attach to a painter's pole thread for added reach.

The Joby Action Grip comes in at $25.

Floaty Backdoor

GoPro cameras are best enjoyed capturing footage that you can retrieve, and not drifting away from you towards the bottom of a lake, river, or ocean. That's why if you are venturing in the water, it's best to attach a Floaty Backdoor (or Floaty case for the Session) which will keep your action camera investment buoyant, even if it will block the rear screen of a Hero 4 Silver or Hero+ LCD.

The GoPro Floaty Backdoor, or Floaty (Session) will each cost you $20.

PolarPro GoPro Filter

While you could try attaching DSLR lenses to your GoPro camera, we wouldn't recommend it. As an alternative, PolarPro Filters allow users to change and improve the look of their footage by offering clip-on filters and lenses. While the range includes kits for underwater and drone shooting, our pick is the Above Water selection which includes a Polarizer, Neutral Density filter, and a Macro lens which offers a 3.8X magnification and lets the GoPro focus on subjects 7-30 cm (3-12 in) away.

Tripod Mount

Sometimes the best place for your GoPro action camera isn't spinning around your head, attached to your surfboard, or strapped to your chest; it's on a good old-fashioned and sturdy tripod. The GoPro Tripod Mount set lets you easily attach the proprietary GoPro mount to a tripod, stand, selfie-stick or anything else which requires a standard tripod thread. The set includes a tripod mount and a quick release tripod mount for those times you need to move between shots quickly.

The GoPro Tripod Mounts sell for $10.

Joby GPod Mini Magnetic

The knobby legs of the Joby GPod Mini Magnetic will instantly look familiar to anyone who has encountered a flexible Gorillapod tripod. In addition to the bendy positioning this offering boasts magnetic feet for attaching to suitable surfaces such as street railings and does a great job of supporting a GoPro camera with a tripod mount, even at angles more extreme than the action you are filming.

GoPro Handlebar / Seatpost / Pole Mount

If you own a GoPro action camera, chances are there will come a time that you want to attach it to a bike, ski poles, or something else with a bar. On those occasions you can't go wrong with GoPro's own handlebar/seatpost/pole mount. It consists of a clamp which fits around tubes of various sizes, and a three-way pivot arm to ensure you are shooting from the angle you want to be.

The GoPro Handlebar Mount costs $20.

Fat Gecko Mini Mount

Whether you want to stick your GoPro to the bonnet of your car, your kayak or any other smooth, non-porous surface, the Fat Gecko Mini Mount will have you covered and keep your action camera where it's meant to be. Having used the bigger brother of the mount with big DSLRs, we're confident the Mini Mount will do the job with a GoPro or other action camera. 360 degree tilt, turn and rotation should make it easy to get the shot you were hoping for.

The Fat Gecko Mini Mount costs $40.

GoPro Jaws: Flex Clamp

The GoPro Jaws clamp isn't as scary as it sounds. In fact, it's a rather handy device which lets you use your GoPro attached to irregular shaped objects ranging in size from 0.6 to 5 cm (0.25 to 2 in) – whether that's your skateboard or golf bag. The adjustable neck section of the Jaws can then be used to enable a variety of other shooting angles.

The GoPro Jaws sells for $50.

Pro Standard Grill Mount

Disclaimer: You are going to look pretty ridiculous using the Grill Mount in your mouth. However, you'll also end up with smooth footage which will make it all worthwhile. In your chops, the Grill Mount is comfortable thanks to a heat molded custom fit, and reduces bouncy footage, while also letting you breathe and talk normally. Though designed for use when surfing, the mount can be useful in a variety of settings and also doubles as a handy stand, hand grip and hook mount.

The Mount Grill Mount retails for $30.

PolarPro PowerVault

With battery life never being one of the things GoPro users brag about, the ability to charge a couple of batteries on the go makes this storage case stand out. The PowerVault can charge either Hero4 or Hero3 batteries up to five times thanks to its own rechargeable 5,200 mAh battery. It also offers protection for your camera and accessories with a water resistant ballistic nylon shell and zippers, and a laser-cut padded interior.

The PolarPro PowerVault costs $100.

Thule Legend GoPro Backpack

Yes, you can carry your GoPro in any backpack, and you could even attach it to any strap using something like the previously mentioned Peak Design Capture Clip, but the Thule Legend Backpack is designed specifically for your GoPro adventures. On the outside of the bag there are built-in front and rear mounts for attaching an action camera, and the bag houses a crushproof, padded compartment for storing your gear.

The Legend GoPro Backpack will set you back $150.

Mota wireless charger

The Mota wireless charger is designed to keep your GoPro powered in situations in which you'd rather not have to take it out of its protective housing to switch batteries. Users simply install a Mota wireless receiver into the GoPro's USB-port in place of the regular cover, before putting it in its housing. After that, simply putting the housed camera into the charging station will activate wireless charging.

The Mota wireless charger is available for pre-order priced at $140.

GoPro Smart Remote

The GoPro app will allow you to control your action camera from your smartphone, and even see a live feed of what you are shooting. However, the chances are your phone isn't waterproof and the wireless range isn't going to be as good as that of the GoPro Smart Remote. It allows remote control from up to 180 m (600 ft) with all key camera functions covered. The Smart Remote also enables control of up to 50 cameras at a time, should you have that many lying around.

The GoPro Smart Remote will set you back $80.

Joby Action Jib

Anyone can attach an action camera to a surfboard or bike, so to create suitably different and interesting footage with your GoPro you might want to take a cue from the movie industry. The Joby Action Jib allows users to create shots and camera movements from low angle shots to birds-eye perspectives like those seen in Hollywood movies. The camera sits at one end of the pole and a handle at the other to adjust the angle.

The Joby Action Jib costs $70.

FeiYu FY-G4 QD 3 Axis gimbal

Shooting smooth footage with a small GoPro camera can be difficult, even if you've got really steady hands. The FeiYu FY-G4 makes it considerably easier with its 3 axis gimbal which keeps things smooth by using a gyroscope to analyze pitch, roll and pan and brushless motor technology yo keep the gimbal stable. It also requires less skill than some stabilizing options.

The FY-G4 will set you back $350.

Knog Qudos Action Video Light

Action cameras don't have a problem being in the sea, attached to a speeding car, or taking the odd knock. Give them a low-light situation, however, and they are often out of their comfort zone. The Knog Qudos is an aluminum-housed powerful LED light which will pair with your action camera to keep you shooting when the sun goes down – or up to 40 m (131 ft) underwater.

The Knog Qudos costs $120.


GoPro and other action cameras are not just at home when shooting high-octane action footage. Time-lapse modes also mean they are great for shooting videos which show minutes or hours speeded up into seconds to show the passage of time. TurnsPro is a rotating mount which adds the dimension of programable camera movement to your time-lapse videos.

The TurnsPro time-lapse mount costs $110.

GoPro Fetch

What's better than pushing yourself to do something to capture cool footage? Getting your dog to do all the hard work! The GoPro Fetch is an action camera mount for your pooch to capture footage from its point of view when it's fetching a ball, chewing a bone, or sniffing the behind of a canine friend. The Fetch harness can be mounted to the back or chest of a dog.

The GoPro Fetch costs $60.


That's it for our selection of the best GoPro accessories, but we're sure there are others that you couldn't live without, and we'd love to know what they are. Let us know what your must-have GoPro accessories are in the comments section below.

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