Joby has introduced an action camera-focused jib kit to let you capture your extreme endeavors (or more mundane activities) from a new perspective. Part of the Action Series line-up, the Action Jib Kit and Pole Pack is designed for action cameras including GoPro, Contour and the Sony Action Cam. It should make it easier to film that skateboard trick you've been practicing, with more cinematic-style camera movements.

Not long ago, recording your extreme endeavors by mounting a camera to your body gave a suitably unique and interesting perspective. But now, everyone and their dog does this. As such, to create footage that stands out, many users are looking to recreate Hollywood-style shots with their action cameras and there are a growing number of accessories on the market promising to make this possible.

As with professional jibs, the Joby's Action Jib can be used to capture smooth camera movements from low angle shots to birds-eye perspectives. The Action Jib Kit and Pole Pack consists primarily of three 51-cm (20-in) aluminum extension poles and two removable and adjustable pole clamps. One clamp connects at the base acting as a handle, while the other is used higher up on the pole where the action cam is mounted.

An adjustable cording between the two clamps then allows the camera to rotate with the integrated pulley system, meaning it should be relatively easy to pull off interesting shots from various angles. Because this jib only needs to carry a lightweight action camera, it is relatively lightweight itself, weighing 665 g (23.4 oz). To enable users to see what footage they are shooting while their camera is out of reach at the far end of the jib, the kit handle can also connect to a GorillaPod Arm or GripTight for mounting a smartphone.

Joby is also releasing the Action Jib Kit which is essentially the same jib setup, but without the three aluminum extension poles. This means it weighs 320 g (11 oz) and can be used with your own pole or monopod to create the same sort of crane shots. Both kits come with a standard GoPro mount adapter and a standard tripod attachment point for other actioncams.

The Action Jib Kit is available now for US$80, while the Action Jib Kit and Pole Pack will set you back $100.

You can check out the Joby Action Jib Kit and Pole Pack in the promotional video below.

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