Multi-purpose furniture, such as the Convertible Sofa and Soleil 1,2,3 baby bed, is a great way for those living in cramped conditions to keep clutter to a minimum. A new couch concept from designer Matthew Pauk called the Slot Sofa is designed to maximize available space with a hideaway dual ottoman and coffee table.

When tucked away into the couch, the coffee table serves as a divider between each of the two seats, providing a perfect surface for a game of chess or for resting some beverages and snacks – or perhaps acting as a handy barrier between you and someone providing unwanted attention.

When pulled out, a third seat is revealed, and what was once the divider is now a coffee table with platforms either side that act as foot rests. Two cushions previously tucked under the sofa are placed on the platforms to provide a soft spot for users to put their feet up, with magnets used to stop the cloth cushions sliding off the wood surface.

While the Slot Sofa is just a concept prototype at this stage, we've contacted Matthew Pauk asking if there are any plans to take it further. We'll update the story if and when we hear back.

Source: Matthew Pauk

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