Got yourself a Smart and the fuel bills and environmental conscience under control, but yearning for something a bit edgier and more reflective of your high-testosterone self image? Here’s just the ticket! Some of the nicest work we’ve seen in a long time are these inspired Body Kits for Mercedes’ miserly smart. That’s the smaudi AWD at top left, and clockwise, the smorsche Targa, smorvette and smerrari. There’s also a smamborghini and a smorsche 911 in the image gallery.

These pics are part of a joke email doing the rounds of recent times, and although some remarkable Photoshop work has been done and deserves credit, we’ve been unable to find the source. So if anyone can lay claim to creating these piccies, we’d be more than pleased to link to their site, eulogize their talents and perhaps even give them the occasional spot of work.

If you enjoyed these images, make sure you check out the Carnocchio Series at Worth1000 where you can see similar Photoshop magic and in many cases the original image the artist began with. Beware - this is quite a humbling experience if you figure yourself a dab hand at driving Photoshop. Thanks to reader J Bar for the tip.

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