We first came across SmartFish Technologies’ ergonomic Engage Keyboard at CES 2010 when it was known as the ErgoMotion keyboard. Ahead of CES 2011, where the keyboard will has been named a 2011 Best of Innovations Honoree, the company has now announced its release to the buying public.

Unlike other ergonomic keyboards that adopt different key layouts, the Engage Keyboard is a QWERTY keyboard that is the first to feature a patented motion system that studies the user’s typing frequency and automatically makes periodic adjustments to the position of the keyboard’s two halves and its tilt. These changes in positioning are is designed to promote the natural motion of the user’s hands and wrists and ensure the user’s hands aren’t in a fixed position all day long.

According to Dr. Jack Atzmon, President and CEO of SmartFish, “Engage ensures movement in the user’s typing experience which is crucial for increasing flexibility, circulation and alleviating stress and pain.”

Engage was developed in collaboration with leading orthopedic hospital, The Hospital for Special Surgery in New York, with a portion of all proceeds from sales being donated to the hospital to help further research of technologies.

The Engage Keyboard complements the company’s Whirl ergonomic mice (previously known as the ErgoMotion Mouse) and is compatible with PCs. It is available now from SmartFish Technologies for US$149.95.

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