December 24, 2008 Snapture Labs, the team behind the excellent Snapture camera software for the iPhone, have unveiled the SnaptureFlash - a protective iPhone case packing a Xenon flash with 50,000 lux brightness, which is about 100 times the brightness of your average LED flash.

The SnaptureFlash also adds an LED flash for low-light video recording. Unfortunately, any application that talks to the SnaptureFlash will not be allowed in the official App Store - including Snapture. Those of you who have jailbroken iPhones can fire up Cydia or to install a free ad-supported version of Snapture, which costs US$7.99 to register and remove the ads.

Snapture Labs are currently seeking funding in order to mass produce the SnaptureFlash, and can be contacted via this page.

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