Have you ever found that the sound of a fan has helped you drift off to sleep? Well a new device is inspired by just that phenomenon. The Snooz is described as an "an ultra-portable sound conditioner." It sits next to your bed and contains a controllable fan aimed at blocking out background noise.

There are a wealth of mobile apps available that can play different sounds to help users get to sleep. Typically the options might include crashing waves, birdsong or, as is the case with the Snooz, white noise. While an app might offer more choice, be cheaper and more convenient to get up-and-running, however, the Snooz does promise some other benefits.

To begin, the Snooz makes real noise. That means that there are there are no unnatural sounding computer-synthesized airflow simulations, no looping tracks playing the same sounds repeatedly and no low-quality mobile speakers to unnerve the user as they are trying to doze off.

The Snooz is also fully adjustable. It needs only be tapped to switch it on or off, and the speed and volume of the fan can be altered by simply rotating its stepless dial. Snooz promises that the fan can vary between making the "lightest stir to break up the stillness to the all-out roar of a renegade box fan." It can also be calibrated to make sure the sound level is safe for young children.

The Snooz can also be controlled via an accompanying app for Android and iOS. The app allows users to change the volume of the fan, calibrate a safe volume for young children and set the device to turn off automatically, among other things.

Despite being a fan, the Snooz doesn't produce unwanted cold air and is said to use 98 percent less energy than a box fan. It is portable, designed in part with use in hotel rooms in mind, and has a recessed storage space for its power cord.

A Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign is underway for the Snooz. At the time of writing, it's possible for individuals who pledge from US$59 to receive one of the devices, assuming all goes to plan with the campaign and roll-out. Shipping is expected from March 2016.

The video below provides an introduction to the Snooz.

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