Just about everyone who's comfortable with swimming in the ocean is at least somewhat interested in seeing what's in the water below them. Not everyone, however, is so keen on actually sticking their head below the surface and breathing through a snorkel. If you're one of those people, you might like the Snorkelboard.

Putting it simply, the Snorkelboard is a vinyl-coated foam flutter board, with a transparent diving mask-like window built into it – technically speaking, it really ought to be called the Maskboard.

You just kick along on it while peering down onto the fish and other critters, through the window. It certainly doesn't look as immersive (no pun intended) as wearing a mask, although you presumably wouldn't be using the thing if you were OK with regular snorkeling.

It does look like the window would be limited to use in relatively flat water, as any small waves slopping over the front of the board would obscure the view through it. The similar Zayak Sea Sled, on the other hand, features a raised viewing area that helps keep the water off its window. With prices starting at US$295, however, the Zayak is likely more expensive than the Snorkelboard – although its pricing and availability have yet to be announced.

Source: Snorkelboard

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