Knife-maker SOG offers multitools of all shapes and sizes, but its latest keychain-ready implement certainly comes in at the more compact end of the scale. Designed to dangle from your keys or tuck neatly into a pocket, the Snippet strips down the typical multitool to the bare essentials and earns its name by putting the scissors in the spotlight.

With a length of just 2.7 in (6.86 cm) when closed, the stainless steel Snippet is around half the size of SOG's PowerLitre multitool and around half the weight at just 2 oz (56.7 g). SOG says the Snippet is designed to live on a keychain, in a car or a purse, so perhaps unsurprisingly, its range of included tools isn't as diverse as some, but there's still plenty of functionality onboard.

This comes courtesy of a bottle opener, ruler, flat screwdriver, jewelry driver, tweezers, straight-edged blade, nail file and even a toothpick. But the star of the show is the set of scissors in place of where you might expect to find pliers in a typical multitool, which work with strategically placed finger loops for a trusty grip.

SOG's multitools don't usually carry the premium price tag of some of its competitors, and the same is true of the Snippet. It is available for order now through SOG's website for US$28, and you can check out the promo video below.

Source: SOG

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