Solar brick provides integrated outdoor lighting solution

Solar brick provides integrate...
Sunrise Solar Solar Bric
Sunrise Solar Solar Bric
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Sunrise Solar Solar Bric
Sunrise Solar Solar Bric

September 23, 2008 Sunrise Solar Corp has unveiled a new building brick that integrates solar technologies into traditional construction materials. The Solar Light Brick is able to capture the sun’s rays and convert them to energy to power a light embedded within the brick, without the need to connect to the electrical grid.

The solar brick incorporates solar cells, an energy storage device and a crystal lighting system that surrounds the energy module in a square or rectangle. The light within the brick is then automatically activated after dark.

The solar brick is able to be designed to light in any color and can be embedded into a range of construction materials including walls or concrete slabs as an integrated part of the structural design. The super bright LED light can operate for 8-10 hours in sunny conditions and 3-4 hours on continuously rainy days.

The light is made from boro-silicon glass and fitted into the brick by a stainless steel fastener and waterproof silica gel sealing washer. The high efficiency solar cell generates no carbon emissions, making it entirely clean technology.

Potential applications for this technology include fixed public spaces, bridges, rural airfields, building lighting, safety lights and decorative lighting.

Via Sunrise Solar Corp.

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