December 17, 2007 A new three MW commercial solar farm is being proposed in Spain as part of a larger plan to build plants capable of supplying 130 MW of energy over five years.

WorldWater & Solar Technologies Corp will use single-action tracking flat plate technology for the 3 MW Ingenium Energética project but is planning to use the ENTECH 20X concentrator PV technology (CPV) on certain of its projects when its 50 MW production plant in Texas, now in early construction, and a planned assembly operation in Spain begin delivering product in volume next year.

To be located in Aragon, the project is expected to be completed by mid-2008. However, the LOI is subject to contractual negotiations as part of new regulations that are being established by the Spanish Government. This plant follows another recent announcement by Ingenium to build a 10 MW facility with M&G Promociones de Vivienda Urbana of Madrid. Spain has been leading the charge in large scale solar energy production with the recent opening of two commercial plants and one test facility.

Spanish solar companies are now under pressure to complete solar projects by September 29, 2008 in order to receive the current feed-in tariff of 44 Euro cents per kilowatt hour. After September, the Spanish Government is planning a lower feed-in tariff for new projects to 31 Euro cents. Additionally, the Spanish Government has set an official goal to install 400 MW by 2010 but its Department of Industry has proposed to the National Energy Commission to raise the goal to 1200 MW. This latest announcement helps to establish the country as a serious player in renewable energy.