Solar gadgets for the great outdoors

Solar gadgets for the great ou...
Solar-Powered Hat Fan
Solar-Powered Hat Fan
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Solar-Powered Hat Fan
Solar-Powered Hat Fan
Solar Mosquito Guard
Solar Mosquito Guard

March 27, 2008 A couple of nifty solar gadgets for the outdoors, the Solar Mosquito Guard and Solar-Powered Fan are a steal at just US$10. And the best bit, 10% of all proceeds help send inner-city kids to Earth Day for Kids at the nonprofit Solar Living Institute.

The pocket-sized Solar Mosquito Guard emits a barely audible, high-frequency wave that repels some mosquito species. The device comes equipped with keychain and belt clip so you can keep it on you at all times. Needing just three hours of sunlight to fully recharge the battery, the Mosquito Guard is an efficient and easy option for keeping mozzies at bay, without using harmful chemicals.

The Solar-Powered Fan may not be the most chic accessory for your hat, but it will keep you cool in summer. A mini-photovoltaic panel harvests enough solar energy to directly power the fan. A clamp allows you to hang it from your hat to direct a cool breeze onto your face on those unbearably hot summer days. The adjustable mount works best with stiffer-type brim hats and baseball caps. The fan comes in both black and white.

Both the Mosquito Guard and Solar-Powered Fan are available online for USD$10 each from Gaiam.

Via Gaiam.

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Anumakonda Jagadeesh
Though the gadgets seem to be workable, their practicality is questionable.
I designed a cap covered with roots of VATTIVERU (Andropogon muriaticum,botanical name).The roots have the capacity to retain water for longer times and they emit fine fragrance. By sprinkling water one can get cool air as well as excellent fragrance.
Regarding Musquito repeller, I purchased ultrasonic musquito repeller from Italy. When I used it in my house in India, the musquitoes were dancing around the instrument. The reason is that the outside sound is more than the sound produced by the instrument. Or else the machine is meant for Italian Musquitoes but not Indian even though both the countries name starts with letter I.
Dr.A.Jagadeesh Nellore(AP), India