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Solar GPS unit tracks your travel experience

Solar GPS unit tracks your tra...
Super 99 Solar GPS Travel Recorder
Super 99 Solar GPS Travel Recorder
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Super 99 Solar GPS Travel Recorder
Super 99 Solar GPS Travel Recorder

October 16, 2007 Here's a clever device for those who return home from holidays with gigabytes of photographs but no idea exactly where they were taken. The dual-powered Super 99 GPS "travel recorder" features the ability to log up to 200,000 waypoints on your journey and supports Geo Tagging of photos along with the ability to share your location with friends via Google Earth. The built-in solar panel also enables the device to operate for up to 48 hours when enough sunlight is available.

The QSTARZ Super 99 ®Bluetooth Solar GPS Travel Recorder, also know as the BT-Q1200, offers a whopping 51 channels and can be integrated with Google Earth and Geo Tagging software that allows photos to be tagged with GPS data.

Once inside the car, the receiver automatically connects with your PDA or laptop and a power saving auto on-off function kicks-in when it leaves the car. The dual Solar power and Li-Ion battery power supply also gives added flexibility to reduce the risk of running out of power.

The device acts as a stand alone travel recorder and can log up to 200,000 records and supports multi-mode setting to record data (vehicle, bicycle and jogging).

The BT-Q1000, a similar device from QSTARZ, but with 32 channels and not featuring solar power, was recently awarded the “innovation product” award from the Taiwan External Trade Council.

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