Sony has announced a new version of its PlayStation 4 home console that offers twice the storage of the launch version of the system. The announcement comes just days after the E3 expo wrapped up in Los Angeles, where the company focused entirely on upcoming games.

The new PS4 variant, which Sony calls the Ultimate Players Edition, packs a 1 TB hard drive – up from the 500 GB you'll find in existing versions of the console. Other than that extra storage space, the system is exactly the same as older models, right down to the half-and-half matte/glossy finish.

It's perhaps a little surprising that Sony didn't announce the new product during E3, where chief competitor Microsoft had more than just games on show, with new accessories and backwards compatibility support. Sony's announcement of a 1 TB console might also sound familiar – Microsoft did the exact same thing just before E3. The 1 TB Xbox has a little more going for it though, offering a different finish from the existing system, while bundling in a copy of Halo: The Master Chief Collection.

Still, it's great to see Sony following suit. While the standard 500 GB storage might sound like plenty, many titles take up a huge chunk of that space, meaning you'll end up removing games from your library sooner or later.

Sony is yet to announce a price point, but we do know that the 1 TB Ultimate Players Edition PS4 will hit shelves in Europe on July 15. While there's currently no word on a wider release, we expect the new system to roll out in North America and beyond.

You can check out the video below for a look at the new, higher storage capacity PS4.

Source: Sony