Sony continued to build out its entire 3D ecosystem at IFA in Berlin last evening when it showed a number of new 3D capable devices, including plans for a 3D IPTV network, the coming ability to watch 3D on Playstation 3, a new 3D Home Projector (VPL-VW90ES) and three new network-capable, 3D-ready AV receivers. The biggest hoohah from the media though was undoubtedly a 3D VAIO laptop prototype which will become available in spring 2011, only six months from now.

The laptop prototype on display was based on a current VAIO F-series 16-inch notebook, but Sony had a constant disclaimer every time the device was discussed, pointing out that the eventual production models would undoubtedly be different.

We had quite a play around with the prototype VAIO on display and it must be said that with the full active shutter “frame sequential” glasses and the dedicated viewing position of the laptop, the backlit 1080p (1920 x 1080) 3D absolutely rocks.

Just whether you're going to want 3D on your laptop will probably depend on how much time you spend playing games and watching 3D movies. Although I was very impressed with the quality of the 3D experience, I cannot imagine paying a premium to have 3D capability on a laptop and throughout the entire Sony presentation, I couldn't help feeling that the company has an awful lot invested in the success of 3D – perhaps too much.

One point which is worth noting about the 3D screen on the VAIO prototype was that it rapidly cycles between left and right eye, and has blank screens between each shot for the left and right eye – effectively giving it 240 frames per second just to match a normal 60fps refresh rate.

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