It may be nostalgia that pushes people to reach for their vinyl, but who says you can't use some modern-day technology to make the experience a little more seamless? Sony is mixing something old with a little something new through a Bluetooth-connected turntable that can broadcast the classic sound of vinyl through similarly equipped speakers and headphones.

Sony's new PS-LX310BT turntable can be hooked up just like a traditional record player, using a built-in phono output to wire it up to your sound system. But the built-in Bluetooth transmitter means it can also be paired up with speakers and headphones for a cable-free listening experience (though how this affects the classic sound of a vinyl record isn't yet clear).

Other features include one-touch auto-play button that works with an automated aluminum tone arm to find the beginning and end of the record all on its own. It can run at two operating speeds, 331/3 and 45 rpm, and there's also a gain select switch to adjust audio levels to match the record and help fend off distortion.

The PS-LX310BT comes with a removable dust cover and measures 367 x 430 mm, with a height of 108 mm with the cover attached (14.5 x 17 x 4.375 in). Launched at CES this week, it will be available from April 2019 at a price of £200 (US$255).

Source: Sony

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