Sony's ICF-CL75iP combination alarm clock, photo frame and iPod dock

Sony's ICF-CL75iP combination ...
The Sony ICF-CL75iP - great looks and functionality
The Sony ICF-CL75iP - great looks and functionality
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The Sony ICF-CL75iP - great looks and functionality
The Sony ICF-CL75iP - great looks and functionality
The Sony ICF-CL75iP - great looks and functionality
The Sony ICF-CL75iP - great looks and functionality
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Alarm clocks (uncool), digital photo frames (ho-hum), and iPod/iPhone docks (seen ‘em all). Three pretty bland objects, right? But give them to Sony and what you get back is one smooth-looking piece of equipment. The Sony ICF-CL75iP has melded beautifully three boring CE products to deliver an item that would easily grace any horizontal surface at home or at the office.

The Sony ICF-CL75iP truly represents multi-functionality. It has a 7-inch color WVGA (800 x 480) LCD screen, 1GB of built-in storage, and a retractable iPod/iPhone dock, plus FM/AM radio with 39 preset stations. You can store and play music (MP3, WMA) and movies (MP4, Motion JPEG and AVI).

If you really need ‘waking up’ in the morning, have it play tunes from your iPhone or iPod through the built-in stereo speakers. Or if you like a gentle wake up call, there are built-in nature sounds you can use like Sea Waves, Birds, Rain, Brook and Under the Sea. You can even program the device to fall asleep to the sounds you like. What, you want more choices? Well you can wake yourself up with a 10-sec voice recording (or yo’ mama’s voice).

Visually, the ICF-CL75iP is a winner, too. Images can be screened via your iPod/iPone or download others via USB and load them onto the device.

There's no official word on a release date or price, but a cached SonyStyle page suggests it will sell for around USD$150. Until you can get one, you’ll just have to wake up in your usual boring manner.

Via Sony Insider.

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normally i am in favor of separate components as it means you don't have to re-buy the still working parts when one sub-part gives up the ghost. Sony, surprise surprise, gives me pause.
Alarm clock? doesnt the i poded do this? one alarm or more- this IS the digital age after all! Digital picture frame? can I run the browser on it? (thought not!!) Dock with built in "speakers? from the size I think it's built in headphones that don't dock with your ears- read inefficient little baseless,gutless wonders....or "could I have that with a plug in for the 5 channel system I paid so much for? the one with real speakers costing half the system? thought mot. THAT you have to cobble on your own, just like back in 1985 you did, alarm clock relay and all!
Us old ones just laugh and know- whuy they never release audio specs anymore (remember i.m. and t.h.d. specs. power band as well as ferq bandwidth? Discriminating ears want to know. The undiscriminating need to be educated.