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Sony Previews 2005 Grand Vega

Sony Previews 2005 Grand Vega
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Sony's VEGA range has always been characterised by sleek design and advanced visual and audio technology. Early next year Sony will add to the stylish series with the release of the new KF range of LCD screens ranging from 42" to 60". Combining a Sony LCD Optical Engine with Sony's VEGA Engine, the new KF-Series produce a crisp, brilliant image quality that set these televisions apart from others on the market. Created for consumers seeking to maximise their home theatre viewing experience, the Grand VEGA television takes Sony's popular VEGA televisions to the next level with their stunning design and striking picture performance.

"The Australian Television market has changed dramatically in the last few years with the arrival of Digital TV and an increasing Home Cinema demand," said Koichi Osaki, Sony Australia's Group Product Manager for Display. "The growth of widescreen is also very significant, with 20% of all sets sold being widescreen, and we predict even faster growth in 2005. In fact, Sony forecasts that within the next 12 months Rear Projection CRT screens will only exist at the low end of the market, with the remainder shifting to the Micro Projection TV segment1."

"While LCD Rear Projection technology is still slightly more expensive than CRT, customers are willing to pay more for higher resolution, larger screen size and a smaller footprint," continued Osaki. "And so this is an ideal time to launch Grand VEGA in Australia. With HD content increasingly available across news, drama, sports and movies, we believe consumers will definitely welcome this high quality, value for money display solution."

All three Grand VEGA models incorporate Sony's unique Optical Engine, which utilises Sony's three wide XGA high-resolution LCD panels, one for each of the RBG signals. This results in a total of 3 x 1.05 million pixel resolution for a crisp and consistent picture across the entire screen. The incorporation of the dot-line inversion drive technology ensures Grand VEGA sets deliver pictures that are virtually free of blurring, shading and ghosting.

The Optical Engine also features a special eleven element lens system that allows the rear-projection set to have a lightweight, ultra slim cabinet design. The lens system bends the light path, creating an ultra-short focal point while maintaining high levels of brightness. Grand WEGA models also incorporate an improved green trim filter for greater contrast ratio and a UV filter for improved black levels.

Another unique feature of Grand VEGA models is the Uniform Brightness Screen technology, which provides a wider vertical viewing angel and consistent horizontal brightness resulting in brilliant picture images that can be seen from increasingly wide angles. These sets also features Double Anti-Reflective Coating screen that minimises glare for a more enjoyable home theatre experience.

Ensuring the best digital connection possible, Grand WEGA televisions incorporate a Digital Visual Interface (DVI-HDTV) connection that enables copy-protected, high definition video content to be delivered to the unit from a DVI/HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection) compatible set-top box, such as Sony's SAT-HD200 HD/DIRECTV.

All three models in the Grand VEGA KF-Series have a sleek, two-tone chassis to suit any home environment. Each of the newly designed units include enhanced Memory Stick media functionality with a Memory Stick slot that allows the playback of JPEG and MPEG1 files for an exceptional home entertainment viewing experience.

For further information on Sony's Grand VEGA visit www.sony.com.au

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