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Sony's Magnesium MZ-N1

Sony's Magnesium MZ-N1
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Sony's new Net MiniDisk Walkman offers high-speed transfer of music files from a PC to MD - for example, 320 minutes of music can be 'ripped' to the MD in just ten minutes. The Open MG Jukebox music management software which it comes with, now enables an entire CD to be transferred from the PC hard drive to a MD in just minutes. The MZ-N1 comes with a USB-equipped charging cradle for connection to a PC. Placing the unit in the connected cradle recharges the player and allows music transfer. The magnesium body of the MZ -N1 weighs just 87 grams and Sony claims it can achieve 110 hours continuous playback. The MZ-N1 incorporates a variable compression recording mode called MiniDisc Long Play (MDLP) wherin over five hours of music can be recorded into one 80 minute disc. In addition G-protection, a Sony technology which eliminates skipping by rapidly recovering from shocks, and hence reduces reliance on the memory buffer. According to Sony, this enables it to be used during vigorous exercise and activities. The player makes great economical sense too - with the ability to store 80-100 songs on a single 80 minute MiniDisc that costs $6.85, it offers a significant music collection at one's fingertips regardless of location. The MZ-N1 has recommended retail price of AUS$899 and to mark the launch of the Net MD, Sony has released a newly packaged MiniDisc, which now comes in a variety of colours for easier music management. For more info, visited or contact Sony's Customer Contact Centre on 1300 13 7669.

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