Space-saving designs were some of Gizmag's favorite picks during this year's Milan Design Week, which included transforming living spaces and multifunctional pieces by Italian company Clei. The established manufacturer has been creating innovative and transformable furniture designs since 1963 and its new collection is a great example of how inches become feet and vice versa.

"Research and development, innovation, patented technology and a creative spirit is what transforms a dwelling into an intelligent home," says Clei. "The versatility of the transformable systems allows us to create multifunctional solutions with a high aesthetic value."

Clei's modular furniture and patented transformable systems have been designed to effectively furnish various sized spaces including single-room homes, open living spaces, holiday homes and guest rooms. The range is not only practical but also versatile, transforming dramatically in a matter of a few simple moves.

"Every time we think about a new product we are accompanied by the habitual uniqueness of thoughts," Clei's sales director, Dr. Luca Colombo tells Gizmag. "The will to explore new ideas for the living dimension that later translate into multifunctional products and multiply the domestic space. Therefore, creating an additional room in the house, regardless of the real available space."

Here's a brief overview of Clei's new collection set to hit stores later this year.

App and Kali Duo Sofa

The App series features a pull-out dinning table which slides out from its compact case with closing top and doubles as a single desk. The unit can be fixed on the wall or on a boiserie panel. The system is complimented with the Kali Duo Sofa, which at first glance appears to be a regular sofa lounge. However, the unit features an elevated single bed which is hidden within the wall, both the sofa and wall bed fold out to become a sophisticated bunk bed complete with ladder and safety rails.

Hidden gas springs and a patented bed base are integrated into the Kali Duo Sofa and the bed base and safety systems feature an automatic locking mechanism which protects against accidental opening and closing.

Giro Living and Oslo Living

Giro is a Tetris-inspired bench that folds open and slides across to become a dining table. The model is made with two bi-folding tops which open up, a supporting leg with additional supporting side panel and revolving mechanism.

Oslo Living on the other-hand is a transformable system composed of a double bed which pulls down from the wall and sits perfectly above the lounge suite. The unit features a storage case and fixed back rest cushions that don't need to be removed when the bed opens down.

Kitchen Box

Kitchen Box is a kitchen unit that "vanishes" when not in use. The unit features a large bi-folding door which turns on wheels and opens up to create a compact kitchen measuring 220 cm (7.22 ft) in height, 124 cm (4.1 ft) in width and is 62 cm (2.05 ft) deep. It can open to the left or right depending on the requirements of the home and includes a storage pantry and table which tilts open.

Furthermore, the fixed wall feature includes a sink, induction hob with two cookers, 130 liter (34.35 gal) refrigerator, dish washer and microwave. The kitchen comes ready to be easily hooked up to existing water and electricity connections and is furnished with a Fenix laminated top, ultralight glass back panel and LED lighting.

Kali 120 Board

This transformable system features a simple fold-down double bed equipped with a table. When the bed is not in use and locked into the wall, the multi-use table can be used as a dinning table or desk. One of the most notable features is that as the user pulls the bed down from the wall, the table sits underneath the bed base with no needs to displace objects from the top.

This transformable system also features an electrical opening mechanism fully hidden into the frame of the model and can be activated by remote control.

In addition to Clei's new 2015 collection, the company also presented some of its original designs from the 60s, demonstrating just how timeless good and innovative smart designs can be. Standing the test of time these pieces feature clever transformability and high quality workmanship.

Be sure to head to the gallery to see just how each piece of Clei furniture gets transformed.

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