Sparkling Mineral Water for Dogs at $8 a bottle

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May 18, 2009 Australian premium pet products company, Pets Palace, is launching a range of natural mineral water for dogs. Even more remarkably, the top-of-the-line sparkling natural mineral water named Bellaqua comes in handmade crystal bottles, encrusted with jewels no less, and costs AUD $42.50 (USD $32) for a box of four, plus delivery. For cheapskates who don't really love their faux children, there are four cheaper, non-sparkling varieties of Pet Pop, coloured, flavoured still mineral water which sell for AUD22.95 (USD $16.90) for a box of four.

Pet Pop is available in four flavours - Luscious Lulu, Lemon Lola, Candy Pop and Betty Blu. "Pets really are one of the family," says Pets Palace spokeswoman, Diane Costa. "We treat them and spoil them as if they were our children. It's just as much fun to put a dog in a cute sweatshirt as it is a child." The change is visible in our shopping centres. Pet stores are crowded with treats, toys and doggie fashion. Supermarket shelves are lined with premium foods boasting a high nutritional content and a range of ingredients that would tempt a human palate. "Once upon a time a can of dog food smelled and tasted like, well, chopped liver," says Diane. "Now dogs can dine on 'fresh garden vegetables, slowly cooked with tender lamb chunks in rich gravy'. So why not offer them a decent drink to wash it down with?" Both Bellaqua and Pet Pop are available from Pets Palace and can be shipped internationally.

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