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Special Forces Smart Noise Cancellation Ear Buds with built-In GPS

Special Forces Smart Noise Cancellation Ear Buds with built-In GPS
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June 5, 2008 With more than half the world carrying a mobile phone and some of the best brains in the world focussed on differentiating the next generation of mobile services and functionality, it was interesting to see Silynx’s C4OPS GenNext headset system displayed for the first time at the Special Operations Forces Industry Conference in Florida recently. Most of the functionality does not translate readily to non-combat environments, but what it can do is simply amazing.

Silynx specializes in the design, development and manufacturing of of miniature, software-defined tactical hearing protection communication headsets and is the developer of the QuietOps™ headset system widely used by US, NATO and Israeli Special Forces and part of the Future Force Warrior program.

Accordingly, the next generation of its headsets is worthy of closer inspection.

For starters, the C4OPS is first and only combat headset system able to provide GPS and force tracking capabilities to the dismounted soldier. With its built in GPS receiver the C4OPS locates the soldier’s position and helps him navigate to the target via voice prompt indications. The operator’s location is transmitted securely through the tactical radio.

Situational awareness is critical on the battlefield, and with so much information now being delivered via the ears, it’s important that the soldier’s hearing is protected at all times. Hence, the C4OPS is as good as it gets, self adapting its protection based on the type (impulse and steady state) and level of battlefield noise.

It’s also interoperable with the majority of tactical radios and intercom systems and allows the soldier to simultaneously monitor and control two radios, a computer and/or an intercom system.

An intuitive man-machine interface provides audible voice prompts indications on headset mode status, radio channel number and other system features. Voice prompts alert the user if a proper earplug seal was achieved to ensure optimal hearing protection.

The design parameters of the C40PS were as demanding as it gets, having to withstand perhaps the harshest operational environment man can create (worn by the guys who go into the heart of and often define a war zone), it functions happily in both High Altitude High Opening parachute operations down to 20 meters below the waterline so SEALS, SBS forces et al can ply their trade.

Finally, and perhaps most critically, there’s also a DUAL WIRELESS PTT (DWPTT™) which is mounted on the picatinny rail of the soldier’s weapon so he can control the channel and volume of the radio without removing his hands.

There’s a movie explaining the capabilities of the C40PS here.

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