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Spider Podium holds your gadgets in its boney fingers

Spider Podium holds your gadge...
JTT's Spider Podium
JTT's Spider Podium
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JTT's Spider Podium
JTT's Spider Podium
JTT's Spider Podium
JTT's Spider Podium
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Spider Podium is a versatile dock that can hold almost any mobile gadget. Manufactured by Breffo and available from Japanese company JTT, the same people who brought us the Chobi Cam a few weeks back, the Spider Podium provides a third hand to grip and display compact cameras, iPods, iPhones, PSPs and more.

As you would expect from it's name, the Spider Podium has eight legs – eight bendable, stretchable legs that are coated in rubber to provide non-slip contact with your gadgets.

Spider Podium's legs are multi-functional: they can either be used to prop up your device, or they can be used as arms to cling to upright structures like a tree or a pole. The latter use calls to mind the Gorillapod, which is often used to mount camera in unusual places for photography or filming.

The Spider Podium also has an area in its center where you can insert a standard iPhone/iPod connector cable (not included), making for easy charging and syncing if your computer is within reach. Weighing in at just under an ounce (27g), Spider Podium is light and easy to take with you on the go.

Apart from the mini-tripod scenario, possible use cases for this somewhat spooky-looking dock might not be immediately apparent to you, unless you're Tim Burton. But if you find yourself listening to an iPod or watching video on your mobile device in unusual places (i.e. on your patio as you barbeque, or perhaps in your garage or work shed) then perhaps the Spider Podium is something you need.

Via Breffo.

View gallery - 8 images
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