Cleaning up liquids spilled into carpets can be difficult – no matter how firmly you press a rag against them, you've always got to wonder how much of the liquid you're really soaking up. That's why the SpillMate was created. It attaches to the hose of a conventional vacuum cleaner, allowing it to actually suck liquid out of the carpet.

The SpillMate doesn't require any electricity, and instead uses the suction provided by the vacuum to draw in liquid. A chamber within the device keeps that liquid from entering the vacuum hose, instead diverting it into a reservoir. When users are done, that compartment can be emptied.

Additionally, if the reservoir fills to the point of overflowing or the SpillMate gets tipped over, a built-in safety feature will automatically shut off the airflow to the vacuum. Users can adjust the amount of suction provided by the device, using a release valve on the top.

The inventors of the SpillMate are currently raising production funds, on Kickstarter. A pledge of US$35 will get you one, if the campaign is successful. The planned retail price is $49.95. More information is available in the pitch video below.

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