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State of the art back protection for cyclists

State of the art back protection for cyclists
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Helmets are the obvious form of protection for cyclists, and many parts of the world have laws in place making the wearing of them while riding a bike mandatory. But with cyclists being such vulnerable targets on the roads, other protective gear is undoubtedly a good idea - and almost essential for offroaders traversing rugged terrain. The Spine Ergo Flow is a lightweight armor for your spine that is designed to decrease the likelihood of sustaining a serious spinal injury in the event of an accident.

The Spine Ergo Flow follows the curve of the wearer’s back and is fastened to the wearer by two shoulder straps and a height adjustable waistband system for the best individual fit. The back plates are made of Polypropylene to prevent penetration, and have an inner shock-absorbing core made of multi-impact expanded polypropylene (EPP) to cushion and spread any impacts with the wearer’s back.

Recognizing that cycling is a sweaty enough pursuit on its own, manufacturer POC has integrated an Air Induction System to provide ventilation and ensure the armor breathes, so you don’t end up all sticky and sweaty underneath the protective plates. The tapered Velcro waistband is also flexible and breathable.

POC also has Cervical - which POC claims is the most vital part of the spine to protect - and Coccyx add-ons available that snap onto the top and bottom of the Spine Ergo Flow to extend the protection of the armor.

The POC Spine Ergo Armor comes in three sizes and is available for US$149.95, while the Cervical and Coccyx additions are priced at $29.95 each.

Craig Jennings
Knox does the worlds best back armour. Sitting here in my new 1 piece stretching it out/wearing it in I wonder how I'm ever going to fit one in here too? I suppose this is just lighter? Looks the trick though
The Hoff
I have landed on my back off the bike a number of times and my Camelbak has saved me and it carries water.
I always land on my head!!