Cleaning the toilet is one of those jobs that nobody likes. Wouldn't it be better if toilets could just, you know … clean themselves? Well, the creators of the SpinX are claiming that their device will allow your toilet to do just that.

The SpinX gets hooked up to your household water supply via an included hose, and replaces the existing toilet seat and lid – it comes in two shapes, which between the two of them should reportedly fit almost all residential toilet fixtures in North America.

Here's how it works …

You start by pressing a button on the SpinX. This causes a robotic scrubbing arm to fold down from a compartment on the inside of the lid. That arm will rotate its way around the bowl, above and below the waterline, spinning and scrubbing as it goes. It also dispenses soapy water, the soap coming from a refillable hopper outside the toilet.

Additionally, water jets on the underside of the lid give the seat a good soapy spraying, after which it's dried using forced air.

The whole process takes a claimed 90 seconds, and everything is powered by a removable rechargeable battery pack which should be good for over 30 cleaning cycles per charge. It is possible to replace the brush – the designers recommend doing so once every six months.

If the SpinX sounds like your cup of tea, you might want to check out its Kickstarter campaign. A pledge of US$198 will get you a unit, when and if it reaches production. The planned retail price is $350.

It can be seen doing its thing, in the following video.

Source: Kickstarter

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