If you don’t trust that shifty-looking night supervisor at the motel or the suspicious-looking smoke detector in your room, or if you just value your privacy, help could be at hand. A quick scan of your room or surrounds with the Chinavision CVMV-J19 Spy Wi-Fi Signal and Camera Lens Detector should let you sleep easy or play hard – in privacy (I guarantee there are a few celebrities who wish they had one).

This counter-intelligence device lets you know if you are being spied upon by detecting listening or recording devices that emit a wireless signal between the frequencies 1-6500MHz. And you can sweep the room with Infra-red while looking through the red-tinted view-finder in the unit to locate those insidious cameras.

Powered by 2 AAA batteries, the Chinavision CVMV-J19 detector uses a proximity detection alert function to locate exactly where the spy devices are and from where the Wi-Fi signals are coming. The four onboard LEDs light up in sequence the closer you get to the perpetrating device.

Get one before they get you!

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