When you think of furniture you need to assemble yourself, you probably think of Ikea. But pieces from the Swedish giant require you to strictly adhere to the instructions to achieve the desired result. A Lithuanian team has taken a more freeform approach with Spyndi, which is comprised of individual sticks that slot together to form a variety of shapes.

If you were one of those kids who hated Lego and never had a taste for Meccano, you're probably not going to like Spyndi. Inspired by the human spine, it comes as 60 handcrafted wooden pieces, which need to be slotted together to form a whole.

According to the team behind Spyndi, each individual element is made of birch plywood, which is finished in a water-resistant coating to make sure it's suitable for service outside. Each building block is slightly curved, but you're able to form a straight line by alternating between inward and outward curving pieces.

Once put together, Spyndi says you can use the curved pieces to provide extra support for your lower back, or adapt the shape to make it a sun-lounge, an armchair, or a piece of sculpture worth showing off.

The project is currently on Kickstarter, where it's raised just under half of its €35,000 (US$39,900) goal with 27 days remaining. To get an early bird deal on an actual chair you'll need to fork out €750 (US$850), while €1,850 (US$2,100) is the preorder price for the copper-ended Spyndi Royal. Should the campaign reach its goal, the Lithuanian team behind it says the regular chair will retail for €1,650 ($1880) and the Royal will cost €2,550 ($2,900).

Check out our gallery for a look at some of the shapes you can create with Spyndi.

Source: Spyndi

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