StakeLight LED tent stake adds a little safety to the campground

StakeLight LED tent stake adds a little safety to the campground
UCO StakeLight
UCO StakeLight
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UCO StakeLight
UCO StakeLight

Anyone that camps long enough is bound to do it, probably a few times – trip on a guy line or stub his toe on a metal stake. The new StakeLight from UCO lights up the stake to prevent this common scenario.

Even though it's the "great" outdoors, camping in organized campgrounds often entails tight quarters. The tent pad is only so big, and it's often surrounded by trees and bushes. As much as you'd like to be able to walk clear around stakes and guy lines, sometimes it's near impossible. The darker it gets, the harder it is.

UCO, a manufacturer of outdoor lighting products like the new LumoraPod tripod lantern, offers a handy solution to this age old problem. The StakeLight includes a built-in 17-lumen LED light encased in water-resistant housing. Face it at the tent to light up the entry way, or face it outward to clearly mark its location. Use it with the TentLED and you'll never trip over tent gear again.

The StakeLight has both strobe and steady modes and is controlled via a switch built into the lens. It runs for up to 24 hours from one AAA battery on strobe setting.

UCO isn't the first party to come up with the idea of an LED tent stake, but the others that we're familiar with are either fanciful concepts or plastic. The StakeLight is an aluminum stake that appears to be higher quality than a plastic stake and more similar to what many tents come with.

One potential problem that we can see from this design is that the LED is kind of long, preventing you from hammering the stake all the way down. This seems like it will cause it to slip out of the ground more easily than a regular stake. Hopefully, the LED function doesn't interfere too much with the basic stake function.

UCO introduced the StakeLight at the OutDoor Friedrichshafen show this past weekend. It retails for US$5.99 or $19.99 for a four-pack.

Source: UCO

Just what I want in the site next to mine, six or eight strobes going all night! :P You could just use the flashlight I'm sure you have along. Plus in the middle of that windy night having to deal with the owners putting their tent back up because they didn't put the stakes all the way in to avoid covering the light. Nice try!
I have tripped over tent stakes and guy lines these lights are a bigger problem.
Michael Jones
Brilliant idea
Jay Lloyd
I have a couple of these that I use already, but they shine a light up the guy line, not to the outside. Only the lines need to be lit anyway. Any other light you should carry with you.
David Clarke
Why not have luminescent pegs? Youi could wind solar powered LED strings down the guy ropes.
Bill Bennett
Silly, I have never tripped on those and I camp alot, though I don't need guy wires, my stuff is trapped at the corners, no guy wires, I can drink as much as Michael and not trip, and since my flashlight is 2000 lumen, I don't miss much