There's no denying that tripods are an effective means of steadying your shot when taking photos, but the things can be a hassle to carry around, and to set up. German father-and-son team Gert and Tobias Wagner have created a lightweight wearable alternative, in the form of Steadify.

The 0.5-kg (1.1-lb) device is strapped around the user's waist using an included nylon belt, and consists of an aluminum mini monopod that's attached to a leather base plate via a steel ball-head joint.

When not in use, the telescoping monopod is kept retracted via a magnet in the bottom. Once a photo op presents itself, however, the pod can be quickly extended to the desired length simply by twisting and pulling on it with one hand.

The lens of the camera is then rested on a rubber-coated universal-mount fork on the end of the pod, reportedly holding the camera much steadier than would be the case if its weight was being supported by the photographer's arms. If buyers wish, they can replace the fork with an optional ball-head quick-release plate.

According to Gert and Tobias, Steadify also offers more stability than a traditional stand-alone monopod – it operates on two additional axes of rotation – plus it can be extended with a single hand as opposed to requiring two. And as an added bonus, videographers can perform camera movements by using it as a mini jib arm, a function which brings the Wagners' previously-released hipjib to mind.

If you're interested in obtaining a Steadify of your own, it's currently the subject of a Kickstarter campaign. A pledge of US$99 will get you one, when and if it reaches production – the planned retail price is $159.

And for an even simpler (but likely not as effective) take on the "wearable monopod" idea, check out the SteadePod.

Source: Kickstarter

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