There are many reasons to work on core strength, but there's only one way to get it: hard work. The Stealth core trainer (currently on Kickstarter) wants to help you smile through your training by turning planks into a full-body arcade game.

According to its creators, Stealth's mobile games will have you twisting and turning (and probably shaking like a chihuahua) as you shoot for high scores. The games are designed to engage 29 different muscles, so you can get a thorough and rigorous core workout that doesn't involve counting reps.

It sounds like Stealth will be simple to use: Download the Stealth app, mount your phone into the accompanying balance board, assume the position and start the game. The phone's motion sensors will respond to the way the balance board is moving, distracting you from your abdominal agony.

Stealth games are different every time, so you won't fall into a mental or physical rut, and they only last three minutes.

Backed by experienced creators Don Brown (of Ab Roller fame) and fitness specialist Howard Panes, Stealth's plans seem on track to come to fruition. The ongoing Kickstarter campaign raised its US$40,000 goal within four hours of launch, and the requisite technology seems well within the average smartphone's accelerometer and gyroscope abilities.

Special early bird pledge levels are no longer available, but current backing offers start at US$169 for a Stealth core trainer and beta-testing of the gaming apps. If all goes according to plan, products for backers are expected to ship in June of 2017.

Kickstarter page: Stealth core trainer

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