Aspiring post-apocalyptic warlords and steampunk superheroes in search of a different set of wheels might consider this custom Honda Goldwing with Roman Chariot sidecar. It goes to sale a few weeks from now with an estimated sale price of $5,000 to $7,000.

The fully-functioning Honda Goldwing-based custom was created for the 1995 feature film Tall Tale: The Unbelievable Adventures of Pecos Bill but didn't get enough film time to be fully appreciated for its ruggedized good looks and tastefully distressed patina.

Based on a 1981 Honda Gold Wing, the 1995 custom has spent the two decades since its brush with fame as a hard working people-carrier on Lydnley Bothwell's Los Angeles orange farm.

The bike can be expected to be extremely reliable into the future given its donor machine, and although the girder frame and chimney pipe exhaust might look real, the original equipment all looks to be still doing the job underneath.

There's even a prominent place on the front and rear of the chariot for your new republic's coat of arms, and a quick glance around the internet suggests that the only problem in finding an appropriate lid is that you are spoiled for choice.

How much might you expect to pay for such a convincing custom with a fascinating provenance and a ranking as one of the most used vehicles in one of the great automotive collections? US$5000 to $7,000 according to the catalogue. This motorcycle has been surrounded by children's laughter since its facelift 22 years ago, first as a hero bike in a Disney movie, then as transportation around the Bothwell museum farm. May it go to the right home.

Estimated price: $5000 to $7,000

Source: Bonhams

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