The remarkable success of Stefano Boeri's Boscoe Verticale in Milan has resulted in the architect replicating the greenery-covered tower elsewhere, including Lausanne, Switzerland and Paris, France. The latest iteration on the design is slated for Eindhoven, the Netherlands, and promises to provide attractive and affordable inner-city social housing.

The Trudo Vertical Forest will rise to 75 m (246 ft)-tall and comprise 19 floors. Its facade will host 125 trees, 5,200 shrubs and over 70 plant species. As well as boosting biodiversity and offering a pleasant environment for the tenants, the idea is for the plants and trees to help cleanse the air of pollution and improve local air quality.

Even though the tower's basic design isn't very different from previous works of Boeri's, it's still striking. The building sports greenery-clad concrete planters and terraces, which jut out like a Jenga tower.

According to Stefano Boeri Architetti, the building will include 125 social housing units, mostly for young people (it's not clear whether or not the tower will offer only social housing but it's certainly the focus of the project). Each apartment will include a tree, 20 shrubs and its own balcony.

Stefano Boeri Architetti must have the design and production of these Vertical Forests down to a fine art now, and the plan is for the Trudo Vertical Forest to be prefabricated in sections then assembled on site.

That said, it appears to still be in the planning stage at the moment and we've no word on any imminent plans to begin construction, nor its expected completion date. We've reached out to the firm for more details.

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